My name is Bryson Hiro of Bryson Hiro, LLC and I am an Independent Life Insurance & Annuities agent here in Hilo, on the Big Island. Graduated from Hilo High School in 2004 and soon after, got into a career working with special needs adults for over 8 years. I also worked with kids for the DOE in Special Ed as an Educational Assistant for almost a decade. I switched careers back in 2018 and got into life insurance with living benefits and annuities. First off, I had little education or knowledge about either, so when I got into the industry, I was amazed with the plans that were out there and the benefits. I know people personally who have had cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc.  To be able to find and then offer life insurance plans they can access now in case something happens and they’re unable to work is both rewarding, and fulfilling.

Educating individuals about retirement plans they can feel safe about without stock market risk or fees is another service I strive to offer. This is why I do what I do – to help teach our local community about options they never knew existed. My goal is to help as many individuals, families, and business owners save and get the protection they need. Being a new member of the Hawai’i island Chamber of Commerce has been an amazing experience so far, and having their support I feel like can help me reach my goal. There are many different ways to contact me, please reach out and I hope to be able to connect with you all soon.  

Contact me at (808) 443-6076,, or visit my website  

Remember in life, everyone needs a Hiro.  Aloha!