2024 State Legislature + County Bill 121

The State Legislature is in session again and working on a multitude of bills. Over 3000 were introduced this year, and while many have been killed or deferred, there are several bills still making their way through the House and Senate. In the last GAC meeting we discussed some of the bills that we are tracking:

  1. HB1675 HD1 – Beginning 1/1/2026, exempts medical services provided by licensed physicians and advanced practice registered nurses acting in the capacity of primary care providers from the general excise tax.
  2. HB2089 HD2 – Allows for updates to building codes every other cycle of the IBC rather than every three years.
  3. HB2090 HD1 – Allows for residential development in areas zoned for commercial use (adaptive reuse).
  4. HB2144 HD1 SD1 – Allows homemade food products to be sold without having to be made in a commercial kitchen.
  5. HB2354 HD1 SD1 – Allows the Small Business Regulatory Review Board to review and comment on legislation affecting small businesses.
  6. HB2415 HD2 – Allows the Governor to enter the State into the multistate Nurse Licensure Compact, thus making it easier for nurses to move to and practice in the State.
  7. HB2579 HD1 – Clarifies that the BLNR shall not unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of any lease after it has been awarded.
  8. SB3157 SD2 HD1 – Allows for public land leases by direct negotiation for commercial or industrial use on parcels of up to five acres.
  9. SB3202 SD2 – Allows for smaller homes on smaller lots and additional ADUs.

The GAC encourages you to submit testimony via the Hawaii State Legislature website at www.capitol.hawaii.gov. It is easy to create an account and only takes a few minutes to submit testimony. (For example, in five minutes I just submitted testimony for HB2415 and SB3202.)

At the County level, Bill 121 which would put more limits on TARs (transient accommodation rentals – aka short term vacation rentals) will be discussed at the April 4 Windward Planning Commission meeting and testimony can be provided in writing or in person/zoom.

If you are interested in participating in the GAC, please contact Carla at the Chamber Office (808) 935-7178 or carla.kuo@hicc.biz to be added to the email list.