Meet Ku’ehu Mauga, a shining star at New West Broadcasting Corporation and the 2023 Community Service Award recipient. Ku’ehu’s broadcasting journey reflects his deep passion for Hawaiian and Island Music, coupled with unwavering dedication to culture and community.

As the voice behind KWXX 94.7FM Hilo and 101.5FM Kona, Ku’ehu masterfully blends entertainment, information, and advocacy, forging genuine connections with listeners. Beyond the studio, he’s a ubiquitous presence, hosting community events and live broadcasts from local businesses.

Ku’ehu’s emceeing prowess extends to various events, showcasing empathy and grace. He also manages the Merrie Monarch Festival’s social media, reaching over 100,000 followers with engaging content. He volunteers for various drives, from school supplies to food collection.

Ku’ehu Mauga embodies community service and connection. His unwavering commitment and positivity make him a beacon of hope and a deserving recipient of the 2023 Community Service Award. Ku’ehu’s ability to unite hearts through the airwaves and in the community showcases the power of compassion and service on a local and global scale.