HICC – SMART Plumbing Hawaii Member Spotlight

SMART Plumbing Gabe and Lei


Q: Tell us about your company/organization, including history, industry, specialization, years in business,

and staff size.


A: Plumbing. It’s one of the most route essential aspects of our daily lives, but also the one that we take

most for granted. Most of us don’t think much about our plumbing systems until they stop working, or

we want to renovate. Enter SMART Plumbing Hawaii.


The innovative company was created by a dynamic husband and wife team partnered to balance each

other’s strengths. They founded SMART Plumbing Hawaii in October 2015, seeing a need for a modern

full-service plumbing company. They went from nothing to something with only their grit and

determination to succeed. This month is their 5-year business anniversary! On the business side, RosaLei

Quinting-Androyna, a tech savvy entrepreneur and marketer, designed the company logo, website,

business systems and operations, and launched the company along with her husband Gabriel Androyna.

Gabriel is a fully licensed journeyman and plumbing contractor and a most excellent plumber. He and his

technicians take care of all the plumbing jobs in the field, mostly in Hilo and surround, but they do travel

across the island when feasible. The office staff of administrators and dispatchers manage the internal

daily operations, communications and customer relations. With a good business model and the desire to

be of valuable service to the plumbing needs of Hawaii Island, they are set up to bring added value to

the community by solving plumbing issues in the best, smartest ways possible. They specialize in Multi-

family properties and Single Family Residential plumbing renovations that include re-piping for water,

drain waste and venting, and gas projects with a strong plumbing service call center for both commercial

and residential service jobs. “We pride ourselves on being the heroes who rescue people from their

plumbing nightmares, but we do it smart, as a team, and we do it right. Most people appreciate how we

choose to operate by the book, on the up and up, for all aspects of plumbing. And we greatly appreciate




Q: What motivates you and your team to succeed?


A: We work in fundamental first principles; doing right by our clients, helping them handle their

plumbing woes legitimately, getting to the root cause of the problem and solving for optimal function,

that is what drives us. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, our plumbing technicians provide

premium quality work, with an impeccable support team at their backs, striving for excellence. It’s what

we do; and we sleep well at night knowing our customers are happy and taken care of.



Q: What makes your company unique?


A: We employ technology that holds us accountable to our community. From local, industry first online

scheduling, digital invoicing, and mobile payments, these systems make doing business with us smarter,

easier, and with less friction. It is safe, modern convenience with no guesswork, totally transparent with

complete communication. We document every job before and after and report the current state we find

the plumbing in and give recommendations to bring plumbing systems up to optimal condition. We

create and utilize ingenuity such as our ‘Plumbing Urgency Matrix’ to put jobs to be done in order of

urgency, and our ‘Plumbification Mode’ which takes customers’ mysterious plumbing issues through our

technician’s Plumbing X-Point Inspections so that we cover all plumbing needs to secure liability and

give our clients peace of mind. We solve the problems.


Q: Why and when did you join the HICC?  For instance: networking, business resources/support,

advocacy, business education, community awareness, etc.


A: At the heart of every Chamber of Commerce are the active, informed and highly involved members,

the successful influencers, the action oriented folks who care deeply about their community, and we

knew that’s where we wanted to be from the beginning. We knew these are the people we needed to

associate with to build the best, most meaningful relationships with! We love our Hawaii Island

Chamber of Commerce and the people in this network and we will always be proud supporters of our

Chamber, its membership, and our community at large.



Q: How can you help other HICC Members improve their business? Do you

offer Member to Member Discounts, HOTDEALS, Events, or free consultations?


A: Plumbing problems can quickly cause bottlenecks in the flow of an operation, be it at home or at a

company location because it is a disruption. We dispatch our skilled plumbing technicians who will

diagnose and solve the issue to provide relief via the smartest solutions possible; all in a timely manner,

to get our clients back to their normal workflow. For our 5 year business anniversary we’re offering

Chamber members our “Friends and Family” rate of $96/hr vs. our regular rate of $120/hr on all

plumbing service calls, be it residential OR commercial (commercial rate is $165/hr), which is a

significant savings, so if you’re thinking of upgrading your plumbing fixtures, now is a great time to do it.

The special will run through to the end of the year 2020. We provide free estimates for contract work

such as renovations and re-piping, and usually have comprehensive plumbing estimates fulfilled within a

1-2 weeks from the site review.


Q: What’s are some interesting facts about your company most people don’t know?


A: We secured our company domain www.plumbinghawaii.com before officially naming the company

“SMART” Plumbing Hawaii and actually went through several iterations for the name such as ‘Akamai’

and ‘Intelligent’, etc… but SMART fit our paradigm and sounded best so we registered it and it’s working

great for our brand. From the get-go we set up a phone system with an 888.393.9296 toll free number

because we figured we’d capture newcomer residents to the island with out-of-state numbers, being a

new business ourselves. But what ended up happening with our marketing efforts is people were dialing

the 808 number subconsciously, which belonged to another local business and were asking for SMART

Plumbing Hawaii. So much so that the other business had to abandon the number, and once we found

out it was no longer in service, we jumped on it to try and get it, but the number had ended up being

reissued to an Oahu business. We tracked it down, explained the situation and were finally able to

secure the local 808.393.9296 number by trading a new number we bought with them. It was quite the

business adventure! We later registered www.smartplumbinghawaii.com upon which we are currently

building a shopping experience where our clients can find fixture replacement packages, such as faucet

and toilets, with materials and labor ready deals. Upon purchasing online, it will lead clients to an

intuitive scheduling experience to get the job on the calendar at their convenience. Additionally, we’ll be

incorporating a live chat feature and full client dashboards for further transparency and for linking all

relevant information in one place!


Q: Do you have any advice for new business owners?


A: We’re in a global pandemic right now that is putting a heavy burden on everyone, and if you’re

intrepid enough to start a business in this climate, congratulations! Businesses go through highs and

lows naturally in the course of building the business and gaining footholds, -entrants especially, if the

competition is up, we’d advise hold tight and prepare for the ups and downs, because they will come.

When you’re up, see where you can viably grow, when you’re down, see where you need to viably

adjust, but never at the expense of your ultimate service to the community. Always hedge what you do

best against the tides of business flow, and you should be able to survive. Hire and keep GOOD PEOPLE

on your teams. If you crash and burn, remember the Phoenix, -we can rise even from ashes, and it is

never to late to start something new again!



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