Our Chamber Holiday Angels program will be providing 26 ‘Ohana gift baskets to benefit the families of:


  • Identify a theme for your gift basket (suggested themes are listed below)
  • Email Taylor Escalona ([email protected]) the theme for your gift basket by Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022.
    • All sponsors will be recognized through social media and all publications related to Holiday Angels
  • Value of gift basket must be between $100-$150
  • Gift basket must be ready to gift and delivered to the HICC Office by Friday, Dec. 2, 2022
    • Gift bags are acceptable also!

Gift basket ideas

Please note: this is a suggested list of gift basket themes. We welcome gift baskets with other themes as well, but please ensure gift baskets include family oriented activities.

  1. Family Game Night theme:  multiplayer board or card games, snack mix, candy, cookies, puzzles, instruction books like magic tricks
  2. Baking theme:  cake/cookie/brownie mixes, recipe books, baking tins/pans, sprinkles/frosting, cookie cutters, cupcake liners, aprons
  3. Movie Night theme: microwave popcorn, popcorn toppings, candy, drinks, Amazon gift card to rent a movie, gift subscription to streaming service, popcorn bowl or bags
  4. Outdoor Adventure theme:  binoculars, bird/tree/insect/ guide book, scavenger hunt, bottled water, trail mix, sunscreen, maps
  5. Gardening theme:  gardening hand tools, seed packets, watering can, garden gloves, plant markers, fertilizer, gardening instruction book
  6. Pizza Party theme:  pizza stone/pan, pizza cutter, crust mix, pizza sauce, checkered tablecloth/napkins, soda, assorted pizza toppings (olives, pepperoni, etc.)
  7. Fitness theme:  yoga mats, hand weights, towels, resistance bands, water bottles
  8. Beach theme: beach towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, slippers, goggles, floaties
  9. Book Club theme:  variety of books for multi ages, bookmarkers, book lights, blanket, mugs and tea/hot cocoa
  10. School Days theme:  pencils/pens/crayons/markers, rulers, pencil cases, calculator, glue, flashcards
  11. Personal Care theme:  body washes (baby to teen), hair brushes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, deodorant, hand soap, hand sanitizer, wipes, masks
  12. Night In theme:  blanket, pajamas (baby to teen), gift certificate for takeout
  13. Busy Time theme: (baby to teen): books, coloring books, journals, pens, craft kits, handheld toys (rattles, fidgets, etc.)
  14. Goodies of the Galaxy theme: space books, astronomy coloring books, mini telescope, space themed mug, astronaut socks, pop rocks candy, milky way candy, star blanket

Mahalo to the following businesses, organizations, and individuals for sponsoring an `ohana gift basket!

Goodies of the Galaxy gift basket
Tanoshii gift basket
Family Fitness gift basket
Book club gift basket
Beach day gift basket

Vanessa & DC Carlson

Snack gift basket

Michelle Laubach

Movie night gift basket and family game night gift basket

Dinner and movie night gift basket
Family game night gift basket
School days gift basket
Family game night gift basket
Barbeque gift basket

Jon & Sandra Miyata

Baking theme and Busy time theme

Keith & Sally Marrack

Outdoor adventure theme

Kehau Amorin & Matt Pickett

family game night and baking theme

Ashley Yamamoto

Personal care theme

Rhea Lee-Moku

Gardening theme

Doug Simons

Astronomy theme

Dennis Lin

Pizza theme

Family cozy night theme